Can Ducted Air Conditioning Increase the Value of Your Home?

Even if you plan on renting your home rather than selling it, a ducted system allows you to charge a higher fee.

Your tenants will appreciate all of the benefits of the air conditioning unit, both monetarily and in terms of comfort, so they will be willing to pay more, and there will be more demand from the market.

But why is ducted air conditioning adding so much value to homes? 

We must first define a ducted system.

What exactly is ductless air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a widespread kind of temperature control used by homes and businesses all over the world. It normally relies on one interior unit attached to a system of ducts in a home’s roof to distribute cooled air throughout each room.

The indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit discreetly positioned outside the home or business. While ducts can be disguised in walls in some situations, they are most often put in ceilings.

As a result, there is a hidden and quiet air conditioning system that distributes conditioned air to every room in the house.

The majority of reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems are managed by a central thermostat, which, depending on the system, can manage the temperature of a single room, an entire floor, or the entire house.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

More automation of your home’s temperature is possible with ducted air conditioning.

Although the ducted air conditioning cost can make you wonder, the advantage of ducted air conditioning unit goes beyond having a more uniform temperature throughout your home; it also enables you to match the temperature of your entire house to your daily schedule.

Again, thanks to the one central control unit for your air conditioning system, you only need to automate your settings once, and then your house’s air conditioning will warm up or cool down at predetermined intervals or switch off when you are away from home. A split system would make this more challenging.

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The operation of ducted air conditioning is silent.

Air conditioning ducted systems also have the advantage of not having an inside unit, in contrast to split systems. Both outside and within the roof area are used to house all the noisy components.

This makes it the ideal choice for use in bedrooms or really anywhere else in the house without making noise or disturbing others.

Greater comfort and temperature control 

While every air conditioner has programmable settings, only ducted air conditioning systems allow you to regulate the temperature of your entire house from one location.

In contrast, if you were to choose a split system, you would have to remember to turn it off and on whenever you moved between the rooms and set the temperature to your preference in each room that you spent time in.

This is not only inefficient, but it will also result in uneven heating and cooling throughout your house.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Next time you ponder upon this question of how much does ducted air conditioning costs, just know that these are highly-functioned systems.

Also, Ducted air conditioning systems circulate conditioned air from a central unit to various rooms around the building using a network of ducts and vents. This major component is typically hidden inside the ceiling hollow. 

Fans in the AC system pull air for cooling or warming from inside the rooms into the central air control unit.

They maintain the comfort of your home or business by blowing conditioned air back into the living areas through ductwork and vents.

There are two primary units in the air conditioning system. 

  • A condensing unit outside the building that has a compressor  
  • A fan coil indoor device that is installed in the ceiling or roof cavity of the house

These two units are linked by a network of pipes, enabling them to operate as a refrigeration and air purification cycle. 

The ductwork can be installed in the basement or attic to distribute conditioned air through a network of vents into different rooms of a house or building.  

The majority of contemporary Daikin ducted air conditioning systems come with a heater that provides heat for the house in the chilly winter months.


Your home has a number of options for air conditioning. Make the most of each unit by understanding how these systems operate before you install them. And it is indeed true that having ducted air conditioning can add value to your home. 

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