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Split System vs Ducted Running Costs | PSB Air
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Split System vs Ducted Running Costs

If you’re looking for a new system for your house, deciding between split and ducted can be difficult. Ducted systems are elegant, well-hidden, and extremely adaptable.

Split systems, on the other hand, are inexpensive and can provide a lot of cooling bang for your dollars, particularly in smaller homes.

So, let’s look at the key arguments for each, along with a detailed understanding of ducted air conditioning vs split systems.

But let’s first understand this first!

What is the Definition of Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning systems use a number of ducts to distribute cold or warm air throughout the home. The ducts and the central unit to which they are linked are installed in the attic.

The indoor unit is linked to a small, unseen exterior compressor unit. Evaporative or chilled duct systems are available.

To produce a cooling wind throughout the home, evaporative ducted air conditioning systems rely on the natural phenomenon of evaporation. They perform well in hot, dry climates and are relatively cheap to operate.

What exactly is split air conditioning?

To understand ducted air conditioning vs split systems. Know that, Split air conditioners are refrigerative devices that, unlike ducted air conditioners, typically supply cold or warm air to a single room.

Split air conditioning systems have both an inside unit, which is often mounted on the wall, and an outside unit.

The outdoor unit in multi-split systems is linked to two or more inside units. While ducted air conditioning requires a single controller to handle the entire house, each split system unit has its own remote.

Ducted Air conditioning vs Split Running Costs

Split system

A 2.5kW split system will consume an average of 511kWh of energy when used for cooling, resulting in annual operating expenses of around $110.

If you increase the size of the split system to 5kW, your annual usage will be roughly 819kWh, which will cost around $180.00. This increases to 1,284kWh and $280 for a device of up to 6kW.


The energy star mark on your air conditioner can be used to determine your ducted air conditioning running costs. The “power input” of the air conditioner should be listed on the Energy Star label in kilowatts.

Multiply the specified power input by the kilowatt hour (kWh) cost from your most recent electric bill. This will calculate the cost of running your ducted air conditioner per hour.

Old versus new

Modern inverter-equipped air conditioners are more cost-effective to operate and more effective than older models.

Due to the time, expense, and difficulties involved in installing them, ducted air conditioners are intended to survive longer.

As a result, older ducted units are likely being used more frequently than split systems, which is shown in the power bill. You shouldn’t experience this issue, though, if your ducted system is quite contemporary.

Is Ducted Aircon Expensive to Run?

So in case of Ducted air conditioning vs spilt systems, the first one can be relatively expensive to run compared to other cooling options.

They cool an entire home, so their energy consumption is higher. However, their efficiency depends on factors like insulation, system size, and usage patterns.

Efficient models with zoning capabilities can reduce costs by only cooling occupied areas. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Overall, while ducted air conditioning provides even cooling throughout the house, it can be costly, but its operating expenses can be managed through careful system selection and responsible usage.

So the answer to your question is ducted aircon expensive to run is pretty clear. 


Therefore, consider what makes your circumstance special before choosing a split system vs ducted.  

Do you need to cool a business area or at least three rooms in your house?

Ducted air conditioning has a lot to offer you if that’s the case. Split systems may not even be able to provide you with the outcomes you require.

However, a ducted air conditioner is definitely impractical if you only need to cool a small room, such as a single bedroom or even a conventional living room.

For ducted air conditioning to be installed, there needs to be a lot of roof space available so that the installation’s necessary places can be reached by the air conditioning professionals.


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