Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is one of the most efficient ways for you to cool your home. For evaporative cooling services choose PSB AIR for high quality installation and affordable prices.

How Evaporative Cooling Work

Evaporative cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. It draws ambient air into the roof mounted unit, passing through wet pads collecting moisture. The air is cooled through an evaporation process then dispersed around your home through ceiling mounted vents. This can cool air using less energy than refrigeration. In extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of your home.

Environmentally friendly

Evaporative cooling is less expensive and environmentally friendly than refrigeration systems to operate and it uses less electricity. It produces fewer greenhouse gases and no HFCs or CFCs. It takes less maintenance and less money to run.

Benefits of Evaporative cooling

A perfect match for the Australian climate

Being more environmentally friendly, and more economical, it’s an ideal cooling solution for Aussie homes. This system is recommended for dry climates using the evaporation system to cool your home.

Fresh Air

Enjoy filtered fresh air from the outdoors into your home, as opposed to recycling the air already in your home. The cool air contains more moisture, which is a distinct advantage for those with respiratory challenges

Enjoy the summer air with open windows and doors

Perfect for active families, outdoor entertaining and living with pets, you can keep your doors and windows open, unlike other system options.


⦁ Low maintenance cost

⦁ Low initial cost

⦁ Replaces stale air with fresh filtered air

⦁ Brings the outdoors in

⦁ Great for those on a budget

How to decide

To Choose the ideal equipment for your house is an essential decision when you require AC installation in Sydney.

From a variety of solutions to expert air conditioning installation, we are here to help you choose wisely ideal cooling system for your needs and budget.

As soon as we ensure that you know how to use all the features of your updated equipment, our aim for you and your family is to have relaxing, efficient air, even for the hottest days of the summer.

Contact us to make an appointment for air conditioning replacement. We’ll help you choose and install your new air conditioner.


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