Pros and Cons of Different Air Conditioner Systems

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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Air Conditioner

Picking the wrong type of air conditioner can put you in a bad spot, especially during those intense summer months. 

In this guide, our home air conditioning experts at PSB Air Conditioning explain how to choose an air conditioner. You’ll learn which type of AC unit works best for your home cooling needs.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

The first thing to consider when choosing an air conditioner is the area of the room or space. Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes, and you’ll want to pick a unit that fits your home or office setting. 

Choosing a system that’s too large can cost you unnecessary expenses, while an AC unit that’s too small won’t be able to effectively cool your designated area.

You should consider the following factors when deciding what size air conditioner to choose:

  • Total area: Do you know your home’s dimensions? How much area (length x width x height) needs cool air? How many rooms are there?
  • Ceiling height per room: Since heat rises, the effectiveness of your air conditioner depends on how tall your ceilings are. Consider the ceilings when picking an air conditioning unit.
  • Windows: Window placement and quantity can affect your living space’s temperature. If you use windows to let cool air into your home, you might not need a large air conditioner.
  • Room layout: How are your rooms set up? Where are your furniture pieces located? Do you know where your vents are?

Generally, the more space in your home, the larger the air conditioning unit you’ll need. Remember that larger AC units tend to require extra piping and ductwork, leading to more installation fees.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are mobile, location-independent AC units. You can place a portable air conditioner wherever you like, as they are entirely freestanding. 

They draw in hot air, cool it using refrigerant, and expel it through an external exhaust hose.


If you’re interested in a convenient AC system, portable air conditioners will blow you away! These devices are easy to install and maintain. All you need to do is buy the unit and plug it into a power supply; it’s that simple!

Portable air conditioners also provide flexibility other systems don’t offer. You can place them in hard-to-reach spaces, attics, and crawl spaces, making them perfect for cooling a specific area. They’re also affordable, making them ideal for those on a budget.


While their small size makes portable air conditioners convenient, they are also ineffective at cooling larger spaces. They offer limited cooling power compared to alternative air handler designs.

Also, while they cost less than central AC systems, portable designs could be more expensive than window units. Even worse, they may be rather noisy and hard to maintain.

Window Units

Window air conditioners are a common choice for homeowners looking for a compact AC unit. They work well in apartments or condos that don’t need a central AC system. As the name suggests, they’re attached to either single or double-hung windows.


Window air units provide extreme efficiency relative to their small size. Moreover, they’re also straightforward to install and usually don’t require professional installation services. Other important benefits to choosing a window unit are their affordable price point and energy efficiency.


Unfortunately, these units’ small size makes them ineffective at cooling large spaces. If you live in a larger home or apartment, you’ll need multiple units to cool each individual room. Under these circumstances, it’s better to look into other AC options.

Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Homeowners often struggle to understand the difference between heat pumps and air conditioners. The core difference between these two HVAC devices is that heat pumps provide cooling and heating, while air conditioners only offer cooling. 

However, there is a type of air conditioner that provides both heating and cooling for your convenience.

Ductless split air conditioners are unique, unconventional cooling systems. They’re closely related to heat pumps but lack the ductwork and piping characteristic of those systems. Indeed, they work best for heating and cooling in homes that lack ductwork, as well as smaller apartments.


Unlike alternative options, ductless mini-split units provide both cooling and heating, so you won’t need to worry once the winter season comes around. They’re also extremely quiet compared to other air conditioning units, as their compressor unit rests outside in a separate location.

Finally, you can target specific rooms in your home for cooling and heating using one of these systems. 

If you’re interested in choosing an air conditioner that comes close to a proper central AC system, these units are your best bet! You’ll get a similar degree of power that doesn’t require installing ductwork.


Ductless units cost more than window and portable units, and they’re also of limited use when it comes to large, spacious properties. In addition, they require professional installation services, costing additional fees. Some homeowners also might not like having a system that handles both heating and cooling.

Ducted Air Conditioning System

Arguably the most common and popular choice for homeowners choosing an air conditioner, central air conditioning systems provide unparalleled strength and efficiency. They’re entirely outdoor units, other than the air handler component, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up space inside.

Ducted air conditioning systems pack a heavy punch and work perfectly in homes with ductwork installed. However, new ductwork installation is doable and ideal for homeowners interested in switching from a smaller unit to a full-fledged air conditioning system.


Ducted AC systems are the most powerful air conditioning systems around. They excel at cooling entire homes and work reliably and efficiently. They’ll also increase your property values, making your home more valuable if you decide to resell it. 

With a central air conditioning system, you won’t have to worry about cooling individual rooms with specific devices.


Due to their size, ducted air conditioning units cost the most out of any type of air conditioner. They also require dedicated, professional installation services and may require future maintenance to work properly. They don’t work well in smaller properties and are hard to install in many types of apartments, condos, and homes.

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