Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality​

Modern homes are tightly sealed and insulated. While this makes them energy efficient, lower amounts of fresh air, indoor contaminants and constant recirculation can cause problems.

Don’t panic, though, because PSB AIR can help you have an energy-efficient space that’s also comfortable. Just a sample of the services our team provides involve an air quality audit and systems to help improve indoor air quality in Sydney, Australia.

Signs Your Residence Has Bad Indoor Air Quality

How healthy do you think your home is? It may not be as healthy as you think. Pollution can be two to five times more concentrated inside than outside.
Indoor air build up floating through your residence’s air could be a source of headaches and allergy attacks. And mould and mildew can cause a host of health problems.

Energy Saving

Health Problems

Even though health problems can be present due to other issues, they can be an indicator your home has indoor air quality problems. This is likely the potential cause if it goes away while you’re gone. 

⦁ Itchy eyes, nose, throat or skin

⦁ Headaches and sinus problems

⦁ Lethargic

⦁ Allergies or asthma issues that are worse than normal

⦁ Coughing and sneezing

⦁ Faintness or nausea

Energy Saving

Environmental Challenges 

An old heating and cooling machine might be a potential element in indoor air quality concerns, particularly if the HVAC system appears to be struggling to clean air, adjust humidity or keep temperatures dependable. 

Here are some additional indications you may want to consider improving your indoor air:

⦁ Increase in static or mould growth

⦁ Disproportionate dirt

⦁ Musty smells


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